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The Green Button Checklist – Are You Ready?


The Green Button questions you’ll read in this post are a result of years of trial and error. We identified the people who where the most successful in our business. We then figured out what type of mentality they had that allowed them to overcome their weaknesses and accomplish their goals. The bottom line is that the Green Button questions will help you determine if this business is for you.


After each Green Button question, I’ll provide additional information about what you need to think about as you consider your answers. Be as honest as possible as you formulate your responses. The more honest you are, the more this list will benefit you. Your answers will provide a reference point from which you can figure out the steps required to improve your mentality. Keep in mind that this is a partial checklist. For the full list of questions, please refer to my book, The Foundation of Success. I devoted an entire chapter to the Green Button checklist.

In the end, you may come away with even more proof that this business is for you, or you may realize that you should look elsewhere. In either case, the Green Button checklist will save you time and energy.


1. What are your goals and what’s your level of commitment to fulfill your goals?

Remember Julia from a previous post? She wanted to earn $1,000,000 a year. But she was only working 20 hours a week. At that rate, she’d never earn a million dollars. Thus she had a dream, not a goal. In our business we only work with people who establish goals, and then commit the time and effort required to accomplish what they set out to do. If you’re a dreamer like Julia, then you must work toward turning your dreams into goals.


2. Are you a team player?

In a previous post, I shared about how my hard work at the auto parts store paid off. I spent hours after the business had closed to improve its inventory system. At the same time, taking on the entire inventory system by myself was very inefficient. Had I asked others to join me, I would have saved time and taught my co-workers how to best keep track of the store’s stock.

Teamwork is a key part of how you’ll succeed in this business. It will require you to be mentored by someone else who will teach you how to avoid common mistakes and upgrade your mentality. Teamwork means that you will focus on your entire team’s interests above your own.


3. What’s your mentality?

I introduced the worker mentality in a past post. I described how Tim was a server at a restaurant. Everyday, he did what he was supposed to. But nothing more. He didn’t feel responsible for the success of the restaurant—if it failed, he could find work elsewhere. He took no initiative, which meant that he relied on his boss to tell him exactly how to fill his work hours.

A worker mentality may be fine in jobs where someone else is paying your salary. But it won’t work in this business because you’re working for yourself. In fact, it’s a formula for failure because it will hold you and your entire team back. So rather than have a worker mentality that says, “I’ll do what I’m supposed to, and nothing more,” your attitude must always be, “I’m responsible for my success. It’s my job to get things done.” While your team will support you, you must think in the long term and act as if the entire business’s future rests on your shoulders.


The Green Button checklist will bring awareness to your koraji, which is a lack of understanding and awareness of your weaknesses. By answering the Green Button questions, you’re evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you determine if this business is for you.


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