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Don’t Let Your Mentality Hold You Back


After reading my previous posts, you may have connected with what I’ve described so far. In fact, everyday, I meet people who tell me they want to experience more success in their lives. They want to earn more income, be their own boss, and have opportunities to grow. Without the right mentality, however, these aspirations are nothing more than dreams.


One of the most important aspects of my work is to teach people how to snap out of their dreams and move toward goals—ones that will result in long lasting change. In this blog post, you’ll learn how I help people like you.


Don’t Let Your Mentality Hold You Back

When I started out in this business, I encountered many setbacks. Some were a result of mistakes I made and personal weaknesses I hadn’t identified and overcome, while others came from other’s shortcomings. Through trial and error, I figured out areas in my life that I needed to improve. As a result, I began experiencing more success than I ever thought possible. I also helped my team members overcome what was getting in the way of accomplishing their goals.


What I’ve learned is that our mentality is one of the biggest obstacles holding us back. Without the right mentality, a person will never succeed in our business. This is why we developed the Green Button checklist. Like a green traffic light, the green button represents moving forward. This checklist helps us answer the question, “Is this business really for me?”

Many Green Button questions move beyond practical matters such as your financial and employment status. Instead, they address your mentality, motivation, and ability to work with others. While these aren’t easy to see and measure, to experience success in our business, you must gain mastery over them.

In fact, I regularly meet people who want to work in this business. I have them go through the Green Button checklist. If their responses show that they don’t have the right mentality or motivation or the ability to work with others, I recommend that they look elsewhere. Or, their answers may provide even more proof that they’re ready to succeed. In which case, as they say, “Green means go!” In the next post, you’ll receive an overview of what I mean by the Green Button.


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